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Feb 04

Correct aggressive mate-settings-daemon behaviour when running x2go

If like me you have replaced FreeNX by X2Go to remotely connect to your Desktop, and you use Mate as a fallback, you might have noticed that sometimes your machine becomes unresponsive. There is a bug/feature in the Mate settings daemon that detects the numlock status and seems to do it a bit too aggressively …

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Apr 18

How to get 4od to work on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty

Channel4’s video on demand service requires Adobe Flash Player but doesn’t work on Ubuntu 14.04 by default. 4oD relies on Adobe DRM that only works on Linux if the HAL service is running. HAL is deprecated technology and has been stripped out since 13.10. Luckily for us there is a PPA maintained by Michael Blennerhassett …

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Nov 17

Playing with the GPU frequencies on a Samsung NP530-U3C

[warning]DISCLAIMER: GOING THROUGH ANY OF THE STEPS BELOW COULD DAMAGE YOUR HARDWARE, YOU ARE DOING SO AT YOUR OWN RISK[/warning] The Samsung NP530U3C works fairly well with Linux (at least on Ubuntu) providing that your kernel and firmware are recent enough (Ubuntu 12.04.3 or at least 12.10 are recommended). There is a few revisions of …

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Feb 09

Run and configure FreeNX on Ubuntu 12.10

What is FreeNX? FreeNX is a Thin Client tool that allows you to establish a graphical session to your Linux desktop. It is optimised to reduce the bandwidth requirements and runs over a secure SSH session. In some ways it is very similar to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client. Installing FreeNX on Ubuntu 12.10 has a …

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Dec 09

“The virtual machine is running in a monitor mode…” while trying to enable Fault Tolerance

I have encountered this message a few times after disabling Fault Tolerance to run a few maintenance tasks and trying to re-enable it (without shutting down the VM). VMware KB article describing the issue and solution In short, you need to edit the settings of the VM – Right click -> Edit settings – in …

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Nov 09

A few IP Tables (IPv4) examples

IP Tables (IPv4) example #!/bin/bash # Flush rules iptables -F # DROP everything by default iptables -P INPUT DROP iptables -P FORWARD DROP iptables -P OUTPUT DROP # Allow loopack iptables -A INPUT -i lo -j ACCEPT iptables -A OUTPUT -o lo -j ACCEPT # Allow incoming SSH iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp …

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Oct 09

GPG cheat sheet

GPG quick memo I always forget my GPG commands so I decided to make a quick cheat sheet 🙂 Create a key (RSA 2048) gpg –gen-key List existing keys gpg –list-keys Export public key (binary) gpg –output fmo_public.key –export Export public key (ascii) gpg –armor –export fmo_public_asc.key Backup public key (ascii) gpg -ao …

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Sep 09

How to shrink a VMDK the hacky way

Source Disclaimer I do not recommend using this method, following the below steps is at your own risk! Problem You create a VMDK with a large size using Thin Provisioning and you realise that it’s not a good idea. You have your system installed and don’t want to have to reinstall everything. Preliminary Make a …

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